Sex and a Straitjacket

Hey there once more everyone. Here’s another new and fresh gay bondage scene for you to see and you can rest easy knowing that it’s as hot and naughty as all the rest as well. In this one we get to see some more new guys going full naughty mode for your enjoyment and rest assured that you will be in for quite the scene with this one. Mainly because these studs went full kinky mode too and they added even more toys to their mix of kinky play today. These hot guys are some really sex addicts, just like the guys from Marcus Mojo‘s blog! A nice straitjacket was involved in all this as you will see and we bet that it will surely peek your interest to see how these two put it to good use for the afternoon too.

The guy with dark hair is the one to receive the bondage treatment today and his buddy is more than happy to have his way with him restrained today. Like we said, the jacked was involved too and that was not all. After he took it on and had his hands secured, he also gets tied to a beam as well in a bent over position as his buddy has big plans for that hot ass as well. Anyway, see him having the tied up guy sucking him off to get him rock hard and then watch him pounding that ass from behind as well. The two enjoyed thoroughly this action scene for the afternoon and they’d be more than willing to do it again in the future too!

Sex and a straitjacket

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