Mylo Jordan and Luke Desmond

Today you get to see some more new and hot gay bondage scenes as usual everyone. Well this time we do have more amazing stuff to show off as you get to enjoy the company of Mylo Jordan and Luke Desmond, two very hot and sexy studs that know how to impress everyone every time they get to appear on camera. Of course, their scene also focuses on bdsm too and you get to see it and enjoy it all. And do make sure to check out some of our past scenes too and you can see even more hunks fucking one another nice and hard in some enjoyable bondage sessions too. Anyway, let’s see these two play without delay!

Mylo Jordan & Luke Desmond

In their nice and wild scene today, Mylo is the one to take the reins and have fun with his buddy as much as he wants as Luke gets to be the sub in this whole thing. So as the cameras start to roll, you can see Mylo tying up Luke’s hands to some chains, but not after he had him strip and show off all of his nice and sexy body as well. Anyway, as Luke kneeled down, Mylo presented him with his large cock to work on with his mouth and you just need to see this expert cock sucker getting dominated and sucking on the meat pole with a passion for the whole scene. Well more happened as well but we’ll let you see that for yourselves. Wanna see other cum hungry guys sucking cocks? If you do, check out the men over 30 site! and have fun!

Enjoy watching this hunk getting tied and sucked!