Leo James and Ashton Bradley

We’re back with this week’s fresh and hot gay bondage porn update for you to watch. The two guys that we featured here in this one are named Leo James and Ashton Bradley. And both of them are really hot and sexy too rest assured. Well Leo likes to take the lead when fucking anyway, so you can bet that he was happy to get to have fun with Ashton any way he wanted in this afternoon update. Ashton himself is no stranger to BDSM as he always prefers it to do it like this, just like the guys from the jockphysical blog! Well, that being settled, the guys just went for it, so let’s take the time to see them have their fun with it all shall we? we know you are eager too anyway!

As the cameras start to roll, and like we said, the guys already settling the roles, they get straight to the action. Ashton gets tied up and wrapped in some plastic foil around his torso. But not the lower part as Leo has big plans for the lower part of his body. Oh and he does gag his mouth as well. Anyway, as it starts, you get to watch Leo starting to play with Ashton’s cock to tease him and seeing as Ashton was kind of getting off on it, Leo continued. Have fun seeing Leo jerking off his buddy’s cock this afternoon and see him doing that until he makes him shoot a load all over himself in excitement as well. We’ll see you soon with more!


Watch here this guy getting restrained and milked!