Hot hunk Kenzie Madison

Another fresh week and time to see some more all new and hot gay bondage scenes today. And this week we have a rather special scene as we wanted to show off to you one of the most amazing and kinky studs that we have had around here. He’s a brunette with short curly hair and he has the wildest passions for kinky bondage sessions and he does love to be dominated as well, just like the guys from the extra big dicks site! Anyway, let’s get to sit back and enjoy this truly amazing scene with him as you get to watch the guy getting what he loves done to him as he was very much happy to make a amazing first impression on you guys as well. So let’s start it off.


This college guy like we said, has a taste for the kinky stuff and he would make the perfect addition the whole thing. Well sit back and watch him getting his hands tied up first, then you get to watch as he gets to have his mouth covered with tape as well and with that the next part can proceed. You see, he adores to have hot wax poured on his naked body, so that’s just what the dom gets to do next as he moans in pleasure. Enjoy seeing him getting off to all of this as the wax gets to cover his whole chest and have fun with this nice and amazing scene too. We will be seeing you as always, next week with more scenes too!

Watch here this college guy getting chained and waxed!