Gay Bondage Porn Video – Fucked and Fed

Another fresh week and time for some more amazing gay fuck scenes that have bindage as well. Well this fine week we deliver on our promise to bring you more videos. And as you will see, this one is quite amazing too. We bring you another duo of dom and sub this afternoon and this is one scene that you definitely cannot skip over. You will be treated to quite the amazing and fresh fuck with these two. And we know that you just adore them too. Like we said, there’s plenty of bondage going on too as the sub gets to be tied up as well and then taken advantage of by the other guy as well. So let’s get the show on the road.

As the video starts off, you get to see one dude that has blonde locks as he’s tied up in a bent over positions to some railings. His dom comes in the picture not long after and he’s here to feed him some food. Well that’s not the only thing that he gets to eat as rather soon, you can see that the guy presents him with a nice and big cock that he has, and the tied up dude just starts to work that meat pole with his mouth. He gets his cock stroked and ass spanked too and after all that prepping, you can see the dom as he goes behind him and starts to fuck him in the ass fast and hard as well. Have fun with the video and enjoy! For those who are looking for similar vids, check out the site and see some gorgeous guys masturbating for you!

Take a look at this tied up guy getting milked and fucked!

The Boy Toy

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to an all new and hot gay bondage porn update. Again we have more of a special occasion and some special treats for this one. Why? well because you guys have been loyal fans and we think that some nice rewards are in order too. So this scene today is in the form of a superb video that you will surely adore and of course it has your favorite kind of action with some kinky guys. And do rest assured that from this day forward you will be getting to see many more videos in addition to pictures too. Anyway, let’s not waste time anymore and see what this scene is all about!

The video starts off as you get to see one dude already tied up in a awkward position with him standing on one leg. And the dom is already getting busy with this guy’s sexy body. Take your time to sit back and watch as he gets to slap that naughty and cute butt until it gets bright red. But that was not the end by far. After that you can watch the dom pulling out some nice dildos as he wanted to stretch the said cute butt with them too. So watch him dildo fucking his tied up hunk in the ass for a nice and long while. And of course, it gets rough by the end of it too. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you soon with more new content too! For similar videos enter the Mason Wyler site and see other cock hungry gay guys making out!

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Desperate To Explode

Well here we are again with another new and fresh scene for you to see. This one has some very kinky scenes to see as you get to watch one dude as he gets teased to no one and his dom doesn’t really let him cum either. Also you may want to check out Leo and Ashton as well, two more guys that like to do things hard style and you will be able to enjoy another simply amazing bondage fuck scene with some hot guys. Anyway, let’s go back to our couple for the afternoon as we guess that you guys are really eager to see these two in action as well as they get to do their naughty fuck scene too shall we everyone?

The cameras start to roll and you get to see this guy getting to lay on his back as his hands get secured to a nice bench. Then his legs are tied to a chair too and he gets to sit in this awkward laying back position. He loves getting fucked from behind, just like the guys from the next door buddies blog! That’s how his buddy wants him as he wants to give him a nice view of how he toys around with his cock. Naturally at first, you get to see the guy caressing and touching that area until he gets to have him nice and hard. Then he starts to stroke that cock and eventually gets to wrap his juicy lips around it as well. So enjoy seeing the guy sucking that cock but always stopping just before the stud came. Enjoy it and see you next time!

Desperate To Explode

Desperate To Explode hunk

See this restrained jock getting waxed and milked!

Down and Dirty

Today we have many more fresh new scenes to show off and as usual you get front row seats to the whole amazing show. This new gallery has even more amazing guys to expose to you and like always, their scene is full of bondage kinkiness too. Let’s get to see them in some really sexy and hot action as the scene starts and rest assured that we plan on having them in future updates around here some more as they were quite amazing at this whole thing too. And we know that you enjoy seeing your guys do naughty stuff. Of course, you can also be sure that they put this little sex dungeon setting to good use as well for this afternoon too!

down and dirty

Their scene starts out just like many others around here and you can see one guy getting to undress first. And as you know, that’s generally the hunk that gets to be on the receiving end. Well rest assured that his dom is prepared to give him some unforgettable moments this fine day. Watch him tying this guy up and then he starts to get down and dirty as he gags his mouth and starts to play with his cock, balls and cute ass too. You just need to take the time to appreciate the action that goes down today and rest easy that they will impress you too. So have fun with the nice and wild BDSM scene that we bring you today and see you soon! Also you might visit the club inferno dungeon site and see other cock hungry gay guys getting their tight asses fucked!

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Halloween Special

You wanted to see more new gay bondage porn scenes and here we are delivering them to you. We have even more kinky stuff to show off to you guys and we know that you will adore this one as well. We intended it to be a Halloween special, hence the spider web set piece. Well anyway, you decide in the end if it’s good or not, because as you know it’s the hot studs making this amazing, not the setting anyway, so let’s check out what we are dealing with this time shall we? We get to see two very hot and sexy studs in action as well for today and we know that they will surely leave one lasting impression on you!

Of course, first order of business is to see who’s on the receiving end, and it seems that it’s the cute guy with a paler skin tone. So first off, his buddy ties him up securely to the spider web thing. Anyway, then you get to see the guy putting clamps all over his body to make him experience a bit of pain too and you can bet that he kind of likes that too. Well that’s not all as he also gets a nice spanking as well. And to top off this superb scene, you also get to see him taking a nice and big dick in his ass as well too. So have fun with this amazing gallery and we will be seeing you soon once more with new and fresh scenes just like always! If you can’t wait until then, enter the Cody Cummings site and see other sexy twinks getting nailed!

Halloween Special

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Hot hunk Kenzie Madison

Another fresh week and time to see some more all new and hot gay bondage scenes today. And this week we have a rather special scene as we wanted to show off to you one of the most amazing and kinky studs that we have had around here. He’s a brunette with short curly hair and he has the wildest passions for kinky bondage sessions and he does love to be dominated as well, just like the guys from the extra big dicks site! Anyway, let’s get to sit back and enjoy this truly amazing scene with him as you get to watch the guy getting what he loves done to him as he was very much happy to make a amazing first impression on you guys as well. So let’s start it off.


This college guy like we said, has a taste for the kinky stuff and he would make the perfect addition the whole thing. Well sit back and watch him getting his hands tied up first, then you get to watch as he gets to have his mouth covered with tape as well and with that the next part can proceed. You see, he adores to have hot wax poured on his naked body, so that’s just what the dom gets to do next as he moans in pleasure. Enjoy seeing him getting off to all of this as the wax gets to cover his whole chest and have fun with this nice and amazing scene too. We will be seeing you as always, next week with more scenes too!

Watch here this college guy getting chained and waxed!

Leo James and Ashton Bradley

We’re back with this week’s fresh and hot gay bondage porn update for you to watch. The two guys that we featured here in this one are named Leo James and Ashton Bradley. And both of them are really hot and sexy too rest assured. Well Leo likes to take the lead when fucking anyway, so you can bet that he was happy to get to have fun with Ashton any way he wanted in this afternoon update. Ashton himself is no stranger to BDSM as he always prefers it to do it like this, just like the guys from the jockphysical blog! Well, that being settled, the guys just went for it, so let’s take the time to see them have their fun with it all shall we? we know you are eager too anyway!

As the cameras start to roll, and like we said, the guys already settling the roles, they get straight to the action. Ashton gets tied up and wrapped in some plastic foil around his torso. But not the lower part as Leo has big plans for the lower part of his body. Oh and he does gag his mouth as well. Anyway, as it starts, you get to watch Leo starting to play with Ashton’s cock to tease him and seeing as Ashton was kind of getting off on it, Leo continued. Have fun seeing Leo jerking off his buddy’s cock this afternoon and see him doing that until he makes him shoot a load all over himself in excitement as well. We’ll see you soon with more!


Watch here this guy getting restrained and milked!

Mylo Jordan and Luke Desmond

Today you get to see some more new and hot gay bondage scenes as usual everyone. Well this time we do have more amazing stuff to show off as you get to enjoy the company of Mylo Jordan and Luke Desmond, two very hot and sexy studs that know how to impress everyone every time they get to appear on camera. Of course, their scene also focuses on bdsm too and you get to see it and enjoy it all. And do make sure to check out some of our past scenes too and you can see even more hunks fucking one another nice and hard in some enjoyable bondage sessions too. Anyway, let’s see these two play without delay!

Mylo Jordan & Luke Desmond

In their nice and wild scene today, Mylo is the one to take the reins and have fun with his buddy as much as he wants as Luke gets to be the sub in this whole thing. So as the cameras start to roll, you can see Mylo tying up Luke’s hands to some chains, but not after he had him strip and show off all of his nice and sexy body as well. Anyway, as Luke kneeled down, Mylo presented him with his large cock to work on with his mouth and you just need to see this expert cock sucker getting dominated and sucking on the meat pole with a passion for the whole scene. Well more happened as well but we’ll let you see that for yourselves. Wanna see other cum hungry guys sucking cocks? If you do, check out the men over 30 site! and have fun!

Enjoy watching this hunk getting tied and sucked!

Sex and a Straitjacket

Hey there once more everyone. Here’s another new and fresh gay bondage scene for you to see and you can rest easy knowing that it’s as hot and naughty as all the rest as well. In this one we get to see some more new guys going full naughty mode for your enjoyment and rest assured that you will be in for quite the scene with this one. Mainly because these studs went full kinky mode too and they added even more toys to their mix of kinky play today. These hot guys are some really sex addicts, just like the guys from Marcus Mojo‘s blog! A nice straitjacket was involved in all this as you will see and we bet that it will surely peek your interest to see how these two put it to good use for the afternoon too.

The guy with dark hair is the one to receive the bondage treatment today and his buddy is more than happy to have his way with him restrained today. Like we said, the jacked was involved too and that was not all. After he took it on and had his hands secured, he also gets tied to a beam as well in a bent over position as his buddy has big plans for that hot ass as well. Anyway, see him having the tied up guy sucking him off to get him rock hard and then watch him pounding that ass from behind as well. The two enjoyed thoroughly this action scene for the afternoon and they’d be more than willing to do it again in the future too!

Sex and a straitjacket

Check out this restrained jock getting his mouth fucked!

Sucking Dick

Hey there guys, welcome once more. We’re here with some more new and fresh gay bondage porn scenes for you to see and enjoy again. And just like last time we get to see some more amazingly hot and sexy studs have fun with the BDSM things once more. They get to have some steamy gay sex with bondage too and rest assured that they are as horny and kinky as the last guys that you got to see as well. So let’s get those cameras rolling and see them in action without any more delays shall we? This is one scene that will impress you as well, but just be sure to not skip over any of their images in this incredible gallery.

Sucking Dick

Well, like we said, there was quite some BDSM involved for this one too. So just take your time to sit back and watch the slutty guy getting himself tied up. His buddy makes sure that he’s properly restrained because as you know he needs him to sit in one single place for the whole thing. Then he whips out his cock as he then has the guy use his juicy lips to suck and slurp on his cock with a passion and he continues to fuck his face nice and hard until he shoots his load. And of course, the other guy gets to end up drenched in sticky jizz by the end of the whole thing. But there is no problem, cause just like the guys from the jocks studios blog, he is crazy about getting covered in warm and sticky cum! We hope you liked it and we will see you soon once more!

Check out this hot jock getting tied and drenched in jizz!